Friday, February 2, 2007

Real Men Cook Mexican

"Come on," she said, "it'll be fun." Whether it's fun or not we have teenagers in the house so any excuse to get away will have a palliative effect on my disposition.

So off we went to Rosa Mexicano for a Saturday morning adult education session entitled:

Real Men Cook Mexican.

And fun it was. The merriment started when I stepped to the breakfast buffet to discover that one of the attendees, a woman who looked like Mammy Yokum's grandmother, had left her upper plate on the buffet table next to the pitcher of pineapple juice.

No thank you.

I'm not that thirsty.

Then we all settled in for the demonstration. More fun. Looking around I could see that this cooking lesson for "Real Men" was filled with women, save for three poor souls who had been trundled off to this high-energy event by their wives. If any of the eligible young women in attendance thought that this would be a good way to meet eligible young men, they were grossly mis-informed.

Roberto, the executive chef, is a friendly and articulate gentleman who truly has a passion for food and an extensive knowledge of food history. His presentation was very engaging and even I started to develop an interest, not an easy task. After all, on this beautiful 50-degree day I might have been wasting my time playing golf, fishing, riding my motorcycle... rather than learning how to make scrambled eggs mixed with crumbled tortilla chips. Yummy.

To think that I have been satisfied with bacon... ham... corned beef hash... biscuits and gravy... for all these years and missing out on THIS.

The cooking lesson, which focused on Mexican-style tidbits perfect for a Super Bowl party, was followed by a lunch made up of dishes featured in the lesson. Grandma Yokum found her teeth and we all went to the dining room to feast on these newly-crafted delicacies.

"This will be great," chimed the Mrs., "we can make some of these next Sunday."

Lots-a-luck. Granted, the lunch tasted a bit better after two or three Pomegranate Margaritas, but for a football crowd? No en esta vida.

So the crowds at Hooters will not be any smaller this year and the guys at New Park Pizza and Kentucky Fried Chicken have nothing to worry about.

They'll be getting their regular yearly call from the Martini home at about 7:30PM EST.

But first, excuse me; I have to get back to work.

I'm knocking off early today because we're going to a wine tasting at the Marriott Marquis.

"Come on," she said, "it'll be fun."